Beating Pad Stink

It’s very difficult to play roller derby without getting sweaty. But hey! Comparing sweat marks after practice is one of the perks, right?! One of the downsides to this is stinky pads; so I wrote this little guide on how I battle pad stink! Read more

So – you want to get better at roller derby?

As a beginner’s coach, I often see people focused on ‘minimum skills’ or leave practice saying ‘I must get better at skating!’. Heck, I say it to myself most weeks. (And on a good week, when I’m not so busy with work, I train up to 4 days a week!) But what does it REALLY take to be better at roller derby? Below are a few pointers in the right direction… Read more

Fools Roll In – My first week on skates

Lacking the basic equipment to become a roller girl, I signed up for the Brollers ‘Fresh Meat’ course. At 34 I’m not sure how fresh I am, I’ve certainly been left hanging for a while. On the plus side, with great age comes great wisdom; although not so great since the idea of getting on skates didn’t seem like a bad idea. We have the National Health Service, ‘it’ll be fine’. Read more