Getting Buff for 2016

Been lounging on your sofa, boozing and watching rubbish telly for two whole weeks over the festive period? Then, if like me you got a bit too enthusiastic with the Crimbo cheese board, you’ll be absolutely itching to get back ‘on it’ and ready for the new derby season. Read more

Busting a Gut!

Whether you’re new to roller derby (or indeed exercise) or an old hat at it; there’s no doubt that your core muscles are going to get a hammering. To help you get in shape; this blog is going to explore some of the top abdominal exercises you can do … at home, with no equipment! Read more

Game footage – film, edit and upload

Over the past year we’ve been filming most of our games and scrims; it’s also a requirement for British Championships. Footage from some teams has been disappointing because it’s been filmed from a static camera where you can barely see what’s going on. Game reviews are a whole lot easier when the footage is clear and concise. We thought we’d share how we do it without any snazzy paid for software. Read more

Getting The Most Out Of Practice

The hall is hired, the track is down and there are anywhere from 10 – 30+ skaters looking expectantly at the coach. All the elements are there for a great practice session but are you taking full advantage of this? Here are the essential things I try to keep in mind that I think help me get the most out of practice. Read more