Louisey Rider Cup 2020 Ticket Info

Important Ticket Info for Louisey Rider Cup Skater Tickets


Skater tickets go on sale at 7pm on Monday 27th April 2020. If you intend to buy, please read below!

Skater tickets are limited to a maximum of 2 per person. This is so you can buy for a partner/friend or someone who is unavailable during the sale time.

Tickets are limited and will sell out quickly, so please be ready at 7pm. We’d love to be able to release more but we wouldn’t be able to squash you all in. cries

If you or your friend are unable to attend, don’t sell your ticket on. You will need to contact us as there is a reserve list system in place. Any tickets sold on without going through the reserve list system won’t be honoured. Dems the rules!

VERY IMPORTANT: when buying your tickets, you need to tick that you are happy for the organiser to contact you. This is so we can put you into a team and get your t-shirt size, etc.

This event is for over 18s only.

Tickets are £25.00 each.




All we ask is that you have passed the latest WFTDA minimum skills requirements. Please be aware that there will naturally be a wide range of ability levels, from newbies up to national team level skaters.




Registration is between 8:30am to 9:30am

The final is due to end at 5pm.




We are committed to making LRC a safe space for everyone involved. With this in mind, we retain the right to refuse entry or skater tickets to anyone we feel may threaten this.

Your skater ticket is also your ticket to the after-party and we reserve the same rights to this event.

Furthermore we reserve the right to remove people from both parts of the event if their conduct jeopardises the safety and well-being of attendees or is not in keeping with the spirit of the event.