How I stretched out my skates

Recently, I bought some new boots and plates online. Unfortunately, as is the risk with buying something without having the modern luxury of trying it on first, they did not quite fit properly. I could skate in them, but they were too thin for my flipper feet and wouldn’t have been sustainable for me in the long run. But, rather than ditch my pricey new purchase, I decided to do something about it by trying to stretch them out a bit and, happily, I can report it worked. Read more

How NRD kept me going

Gone are the days of spending weekends in sweaty leisure centres up and down the country, replaced with solo (or occasionally paired) walks discovering every inch of the local neighbourhood. It’s been quite the ride, and quite the lifestyle change. Read more


The Louisey Rider Cup (LRC) is a day of fun, not just for skaters but for officials too. I missed out on the first LRC in 2016 (curse you traveling for work!) so jumped at the chance to be a … Read more