What to expect from your first Roller Derby session

Hi Folks, I’m Helena AKA Crash Call. I’ve been skating for 11 years and I’m one of the New Skater Coaches for Nottingham Roller Derby!

So you’re thinking of attending your first Roller derby session – you’ve reserved your skates, found your old bike helmet out of the cupboard and chosen your favourite pair of leggings (if you don’t have one you will soon!) but now what…?

Structure of your first session

1) Meet the coaches

You’ll meet one of our New Skater Coaches (me, Phoebe, Puck, Katie and Ryan):


2) Get padded up

Whether you’ve brought your own pads or are borrowing some of ours, you’ll need to get your pads on before we do anything else. If you have any difficulties or need any further explanation, any one of our coaches will be happy to give you a hand!

3) Falling Safely

You will start off skates, even if you have ramp skated or skated at the local roller disco we need to make sure that you know how to fall safely before you put wheels on your feet! We will take you through a series of simple falls to teach you the basics of hitting the floor.

4) Get your skates on!

Next up, we will then get you kitted up in skates! Don’t be shy if you asked for skates of one size and they don’t fit, tell us and we will try and find some other ones that fit better.

5) Start Moving…

Everyone has to start somewhere – some people come to sessions having never put skates on before others come from other skating disciplines. We start with the basics of moving forwards, backwards and turning around.

6) …and Stop!

Once you are comfortable moving, next up we teach you how to stop.

7) Developing your skills

Depending on how quickly you pick things up we will add other skills in, but in the early stages repetition is key. Your coach will give you feedback and help you find your feet!

8) End of the session

The session normally ends by taking your skates off and learning the basics of contact.

Frequently asked questions:


How long will it take to get better?

The simple answer is how long is a piece of string!!! Keep coming and you’ll make progress but don’t compare yourself with anyone else, everyone learns at different speeds and progress is not linear.

Why do my legs hurt?

Even if you are generally fit and active you are using muscles in a different way to what you are used to and it takes time for you body to get used to that.

Why is one side easier than the other?

I wish I knew! But this is something most of us have found, skills tend to be easier on one side. All I can say is keep practicing both sides and it will come!

I hope to see you at one of our new Skater Sessions soon!