“Lou would have loved the spirit and energy that the LRC creates!”

NRD are getting excited about the upcoming Louisey Rider Cup (LRC), so Leahviathan asked members what their favourite experience from previous years was. Here’s what they said.

The LRC is one of the best things that NRD do – it brings together the league for months of planning and working together to put on a memorable, sparkly fun day of spirit!

At it’s heart, it brings together many skaters, announcers, officials, helpers and other awesome folks who raise money for a great charity!

Personally the LRC is a bittersweet event and the celebration of a friend we lost at too young an age, but even at the moments where tears fall we all know how much she would have loved so much effort, glitter 😉 and unique fun in her name.”

– Penelope Hitstop

Nottingham Roller Derby presenting cheque to Brake.

“The generosity of people and how much money they give to Brake at the event gets me every time!”

– Blackboard




“The excitement of the day is what got me started on my roller derby journey”

– Alygorthym

At the first event I teared up walking Sharon [Lou’s Mum] out of the middle after she blew the rolling whistle at the beginning of the day, and after the final whistle was blown I felt like a massive weight had disappeared from my shoulders.

– Cupid Stunt

Stocky Balboa with the Brake Zebra (AKA: Anne Arky)

I thoroughly enjoy a fun packed day where I get to dress up as a zebra”

– Anne Arky

[Author’s note – the Brake mascot is a zebra, as far as we know Anne Arky doesn’t turn up dressed as a zebra to any other events, but if you think that should change let us know… 😉 ]




I re-found my love of derby and my new league”

– Crash Call

When the entire crowd started singing total eclipse of the heart at the first event <3 “

– Lauren Forcement

The first LRC lit a fire in my belly, at the time I was very low and struggling with my mental health but all the love, energy and fun in that hall got me so motivated and a year later I was out there on track myself. LRC literally saved my life.”

– Beater Parker

66 Louisey Rider

For me it’s the saddest day and the most fun too. I have such a bittersweet feeling about the LRC. I remember feeling so sad at the first one,until I got my skates on for the NRD All-stars game and remembered how much love and comfort roller derby had brought me, it was like being surrounded by family all day, all in honour of an amazing woman. Lou would have loved the spirit and energy that the LRC creates!

– Greek Frightening

LRC 18 is happening on 28th April 2018. Spectator tickets are available online for £5. Further information about LRC and Louise is on our website: https://nottsrollerderby.co.uk/LRC.

We hope to see you there!