Vice Cappy Natastrophe’s Half-Year Round-Up

It’s been an incredibly long journey from the NRG I joined in 2010, to where we are now. When we played our very first bout at Dodgebrawl back in 2011, we had very little concept of roller derby game-play and of what it took to be a good team on track as well as a fully functioning league. I remember jamming and realising that maybe I hadn’t quite thought this through… Read more

Upcoming 28/6/2014: NRG vs Cambridge Rollerbillies

We’re now just over halfway through the 2014 Heartland Series, and what an exciting tournament it’s been so far! Day 4 of the North East games sees hosts Oxford Roller Derby take on Rebellion, while our Nottingham Roller Girls give it their all against division favourites Cambridge Rollerbillies. The Rollerbillies had a very strong tournament in 2013, emerging undefeated from their division in 2013 before losing out to Severn Roller Torrent in the final. Read more