Getting Buff for 2016

Been lounging on your sofa, boozing and watching rubbish telly for two whole weeks over the festive period? Then, if like me you got a bit too enthusiastic with the Crimbo cheese board, you’ll be absolutely itching to get back ‘on it’ and ready for the new derby season. Read more

Skills Review

It can feel a little overwhelming when you first start at the sheer volume of skating skills you need to play roller derby, and, in particular to pass those pesky and dreaded “minimum skills.” But these are the foundation to becoming a great player and from time to time it’s always good to look back and assess how far you’ve come! Read more

Busting a Gut!

Whether you’re new to roller derby (or indeed exercise) or an old hat at it; there’s no doubt that your core muscles are going to get a hammering. To help you get in shape; this blog is going to explore some of the top abdominal exercises you can do … at home, with no equipment! Read more

Where’s your body at?

Body image has been pertinent in the media for a very long time. There are dips and swells for its popularity in the media but, overall, it’s inescapable. It’s been said in many ways by many people – the media is saturated with images of social perfection. In sport body image tends to focus on being slim and toned; speed, agility and strength has simply become a by-product of the aesthetic. And roller derby comes with it’s own endless stereotypes of body image – but we’re not going there today. Read more