We Love roller derby

Here at Nottingham Roller Derby we sure do love a good game day. The adrenaline, the passion… the pictures?

Today we’re looking at those pictures that tell a different kind of roller derby story – usually the one you thought wouldn’t be caught on camera.

Sometimes when you play roller derby; you’re just too cool for school.

And jamming is soooo easy…

easy peasy nat

And you’re blocking like “whatever”

easy peasy Nic

Occasionally you’ll wish you were never caught on camera…

Like when you’re throwing daggers at your bench because they won’t let you call of the jam

call off the jam already

Photo credit by Martin Boston


Or you try to be intimidating but come off creepy.

creepy coco

Sometimes you might forget the camera’s there at all.

And not show off you’re super, awesome face.

peak a boo

Photo credit to Roller Derby on Film


Or forget that you could appear in the background.

background nonsense

When you have a little dance during timeout…

time out shenanigans

Or take a nap during line up.

nap time

And then there are those super, amazing times when you just take air.

Maybe you’re jamming…

air jam coco

air jam evie

Photo credit to Martin Boston


but sometimes you’re blocking…

air jam nic

air jam rox

blocking leap

Photo credit to Roller Derby on Film


And then there’s the times when you’re just being a little bit weird.

Like licking each other.


Or mauling a ref

ref love

Sometimes you just take your job seriously … Nothing to see here.

shady NSO

Photo credit to Matthew Anderson

Or you try not to look for bendy bones

weird bones

Then there’s your concentration face… or rather there’s Coco’s concentration face #tonguesoutgunsout

tounge coco2

tounge coco1

tounge coco

tounge coco3

And let’s not forget the crotch block.

crotch block1

Photo credit to Graeme Wharton via Tyne and Fear

crotch block

But we can’t forget about the dancing, face-plants and malfunctioning kit…

Everyone do the conga!


Time to paarrrty


Photo credit to Martyn Bostock


Taking a leap of faith



i love these shoes

A little bit of crowd surfing

crowd surfing

“You hit me like a wrecking ball”


Jammer down

jammer down!

Spot the missing toe stop

missing toe stop

And finally there are the times when you just have a little bit of attitude…. or not

When you just don’t know what happened

eye roll coco

Photo credit to Roller Derby on Film


Or you’re just taking the Pliss

taking the pliss

Photo credit to Roller Derby on Film

When you’ve got your eyes on the opposition *Natastrophe wants to make it clear she loves her fellow roller derby players and is most definitely not swearing*

swearing's nat cool

And finally when jamming is just too exhausting!

face plant

We love roller derby!

*All of these lovely photos are supplied to us through professionals who take their time out to come and capture the action – please ask Nottingham Roller Derby if you want to use or share any*