The Louisey Rider Cup: Our Best Moments

What’s that? Louisey Rider Cup is this Saturday?! After all the planning and hard work that’s gone into this year’s Louisey Rider Cup we at Nottingham Roller Derby are super excited for the day to finally be here and we hope you are as well!

We’ve asked people to share their thoughts and feelings on LRC so we could share around the excitement.

Here are some favourite moments from last year’s LRC:

The Atkins Riot, Nottingham Roller Derby: “Unicorning the penalty box with my unicorn-in-crime Penny. Where else do you hecking well get to do that?”

Natastrophe, Nottingham Roller Derby: “My favourite moment was probably when I threw Boots’s bra at Dr Stevel during his lip sync performance. Not sure how I ended up with the bra but it made perfect sense to throw it at him at the time. No regrets.”

Sue Merkins, Hull’s Angels Roller Derby: “Roller Polar Bear leading an a cappella version of Total Eclipse of the Heart.”

Rocky, LRC 2016 Lip Sync Battle Champion: “Everybody’s hands in the air, chanting ‘Rocky’ as I took home the lip sync crown, obviously! But I think it’s not really one moment. Just the sheer joy and fun shared by everyone throughout the day. Oh and the sheer amount of glitter!”


A few people shared why last year’s event was so special to them:

Knock ‘Em Deb, Nottingham Roller Derby: “For me it has to be seeing so many people coming together to celebrate the life of Louise through Roller Derby. I didn’t know Louise and many at the event didn’t either but we all were there to celebrate the spirit of Lou and it was just amazing to be included in such an amazing day.”

Uma Thumpin, Rainy City Roller Derby: “The most fun I’ve ever had at a roller derby event. The atmosphere, skaters, organisation, the cake, were all amazing and I can’t wait for this year!”

Dr Stevel, Southern Discomfort Roller Derby: “Last year I had the honour of bench coaching Slutty Banana at the Louisey Rider Cup. It was one of the most fun, emotion filled days of my life. Louisey was in the first co ed team I ever coached and she was the sweetest and funniest person you could imagine. Why am I saying this? you know this anyway… She was great and last year’s tournament was testament to the amount of people who loved and care for her. This year’s will continue in that tradition and I for one cannot wait to be there again…even with all the glitter.”

Yanarchay, Nottingham Roller Derby: “One thing stands out to me the most though from the day; the laughter and sheer noise of happiness.The hall rang with the sound of people recounting stories of meeting Louise and the fond memories of her.”

Luna Trick, Sheffield Roller Derby: “LRC last year was one of the best days of derby I’ve ever had; no pressure, no egos, just excellent fun for a brilliant cause. A perfect reminder of why we all fell in love with this sport and community.”


So what are people looking forward to the most?

Sharna The Dead, Nottingham Roller Derby: “Meeting loads of new roller derby friends and seeing how the love for one person can bring a whole community together – which is such a rarity in the world today. AND SO MUCH GLITTER!”

Tessington World Of Adventures: “I’m looking forward to having a wonderful day of people coming together and celebrating an amazing life through roller derby. I didn’t know Louise but i am so happy to be included in this wonderful event!”

Hürtin Prüe, Borderland Brawlers: “Louise was my team mate in my first ever public game of roller derby – we were the white knuckle riders. I missed out on playing in the Louisey Rider Cup last year due to illness, I can’t play this year either because I’ve just become a Mum. I can’t wait for Saturday- I’m bringing Juno to her first ever game!”

That should give you an idea of what’s in store for you at Louisey Rider Cup 2017! And if you haven’t bought spectator tickets to come along and be part of this magical and glittery day, what are you waiting for?!

See you at Lee Westwood Sports Centre for LRC 2017! Tickets are available here.