The Roller Derby World Cup

Well it’s here, the biggest event in the roller derby calendar. THE ROLLER DERBY WORLD CUP!

The excitement is palpable, with teams coming to our fair land to take part in a grueling long weekend of competition, displaying the highest level of talent to be seen in our sport; it’s sure to be a great weekend, and everyone here at nottingham roller derby is stoked!

There is a huge buzz around this event and it is certainly making waves over this side of the pond, It’s the first time the world cup has been held outside of North america, with Toronto hosting the first event and Dallas the second. The growth of the sport is meteoric and the size of the tournament is growing to reflect this.

The first world cup played host to 13 international teams whereas this weekend’s event has teams from 38 nations or representative groups. That’s a heck of a leap in 3 years; it’s clear to see that Roller derby is growing to be much more than the grass roots, knock abouts in small sports halls and warehouses that it used to be.

Rainy City in manchester are hosting the event this weekend and they are pulling out all the stops by the looks of things, plenty of tracks and what looks to be a big after party, the rainy city (my hometown by the way) is gonna be bouncing all weekend.

NRD will be making their presence known in manchester too, with NRGs Greek Frightning donning the skates for team Greece (I feel sorry for any jammer on track with Greek 😛 ) as well as Cupid Stunt and Snoogins volunteering their services too (Keep an eye out for Snoogins on stream!) Not to mention the herd of NeRDs streaming up north to watch the event. Make sure you catch up with all of them at some point, I am sure they would love to talk derby and fill you in on all the excitement about the Louisey Rider Cup.

It’s set to be a great weekend, with the BBC picking up coverage online for the final day (A big deal for our little sport) and lots of mainstream coverage,what better opportunity to get strong, athletic and driven women at the forefront to show the world that women kick ass, especially on skates!

Rivalries will be formed, Idols admired and heroines defined. It’s gonna be a stonker of a weekend for us all.


I know I won’t be interested in anything else that’s for sure.

Your friendly neighbourhood Jammer

Beater Parker 1962

And remember skater tickets for the louisey rider cup will be available from Feb 28th
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