Upcoming 28/6/2014: NRG vs Cambridge Rollerbillies


We’re now just over halfway through the 2014 Heartland Series, and what an exciting tournament it’s been so far! Day 4 of the North East games sees hosts Oxford Roller Derby take on Rebellion, while our Nottingham Roller Girls give it their all against division favourites Cambridge Rollerbillies. The Rollerbillies had a very strong tournament in 2013, emerging undefeated from their division in 2013 before losing out to Severn Roller Torrent in the final.

Things are really hotting up and it won’t be an easy game for NRG who are hoping to hang on to their unblemished record. They surprised themselves with a win against Oxford, and their second victory against Rebellion did not come easily either as tenacious jamming and hard hitting offense continually knocked them off their game. Nottingham will need to dig deep and revert back to the impenetrable walls that they have become known for if they are to stand any chance of slowing down formidable CRB jammers Schindler’s Lisp and Hermaphrodite.

In the second game, ORD and RRD are both battling for their first win, given the calibre of the two teams, it should be an interesting fight! Both have very different qualities and it remains to be seen which will lead to a victory here; disciplined athleticism or hard hitting ferocity.

Doors open at 12:30. Game times and further details to be announced soon!

Blackbird Leys Leisure Centre
Pegasus Rd

Tickets: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/705275

In advance:
Adults: £7
Under-18s: £4

On the door:
Adults: £10
Under-18s: £6
Under-5s: Free

Event details: https://www.facebook.com/events/243045415902060/