Co-ed bout review: Nottingham vs Sheffield

The majority of NRG are in agreement; if you’ve never seen Roller Polar Bear in a grass skirt and head dress – you’ve never lived! He’ll be cutting a Waddell-esque figure along side the demure Hulk SmAsh announcing at our next home bout August bank holiday; first, he gives us an overview of the grippingly close battle between ourselves and SRD last week. Read more

Meet Our NSO’s

At your first few bouts you may not notice them, but a few events in you’re beginning to ask yourself what role the dudes in gray or pink play in all this? They are Non Skating Official’s or NSO’s and without them the bout just wouldn’t happen. NSO roles cover penalties, scoring and timing – they’re literally watching every move you skate! Read more

New 2013 Rules

WFTDA have just published the new 2013 version of the Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby. In case the website crashes, we’re hosting a mirror link here: wftda-rules.pdf