Co-ed bout review: Nottingham vs Sheffield

The majority of NRG are in agreement; if you’ve never seen Roller Polar Bear in a grass skirt and head dress – you’ve never lived! He’ll be cutting a Waddell-esque figure along side the demure Hulk SmAsh announcing at our next home bout August bank holiday; first, he gives us an overview of the grippingly close battle between ourselves and SRD last week. Photos are courtesy of the hugely talented Dave Parry at

This much anticipated bout between two co-ed Leagues NRG and SRD was played out at Sheffield’s skate central. Sheffield had skaters from TIL & SSRG whilst NRG rolled out their co-ed team for the second time. Before the first whistle, having managed to scale the venue stairs unscathed, we were treated to Beat Monkey (SRD) and Featrix (NRG) both having a tumble on their skateouts!!


Both teams had different styles, NRG went offensive and SRD stayed V. defensive and it was that work that pushed SRD into a Big lead in the First Half with great Jamming from Beat Monkey and Zombie. NRG’s captain Owl and Louisey Rider, however, kept at the SRD walls and no one could doubt any of NRG’s hard work.


After the first half, SmAsh (NRG’s Bench) had a little changing room talk and NRG came out full of fight and vigour to claw back some points.


Great Jamming from Natastrophe and Bruce made SRD work hard and some swinging power jams saw NRG claim some points.


Before the end Skate Plissken took an early walk for a 7th penalty and the trips to the box got a little more creative with The Atkins Riot doing her best Strictly on Ice impression en route. It was agreed by all that she’s probably best suited to the derby track.


All in all, NRG played a hard fought game and, regardless of score, played hard in the right way and will certainly Improve from here on in. As long as they didn’t get injured from the lovely stairs at Skate Central that is.


Final Score: SRD 362 – NRG 55

I’ve been Roller Polar Bear thanks for reading

(Photo of Bear Courtesy of DizzyDreams Photography)