Double Header Delights! Game Day, February 2015

We asked the lovely boys and girls of Nottingham Roller Derby to tell us about their best moments of our 2015 double-header debut.

The Results:
Super Smash Brollers 263 vs Bristol Roller Derby Vice Quad 125
Nottingham Roller Girls 196 vs Rainy City’s Tender Hooligans 125


  • Watching the Brollers put the tactics we have been practising with the B team into action, and see it pay off for them 🙂
  • Watching the ladies out there bringing home the win and show how awesome they are.
  • Seeing everyone turn up and have fun and really enjoy themselves.
  • Watching The Ruth Hurts get massively excited that we had a card reader! (YES FANS you can pay for merch. by card now)




  • Looking at their biggest/strongest players in the eye and thinking ‘Pahahaha you are nothing compared to what we faced last week’ (Last week we got crucified by The Birmingham Blitz Dames!)

Special K

  • Hearing Lemmy Atom utter “worth it” as he was sent to the box for an out of play block.
  • Damdrea smashing through two blockers to claim lead jammer.
  • Oooooo, I wasn’t there, but I’ve seen the photo. Fenyn’s mad, battered sausage skills.


Paul W

  • Anton Deck asking me what my favourite trifle was during a timeout.



  • Dellar writing funny cake labels on the cake stand, for example: “Taylor Swift’s favourite”, “Free cake in exchange for your first born”.


  • Executing the best London wall we’ve ever done….. at the after party.
  • Watching Andrea smash through a wall like a hot knife through butter and thinking “I want to do that one day!”
  • Fenyn receiving her certificate and out-awkwarding Ruth!



  • Bear’s announcing, especially about gravy. Gravy on Battenburg!
  • Every time I saw K in his wheelchair (fully loaded up with stuff: mats, PA, Merch – being pushed around the place. He was a one man trolley)


  • My favourite moment was winding up for a sweep, that I was never intending on doing, so that they all had their eyes on me and were bracing so much that they never even saw Chris coming to wipe them out from the other side, allowing Charlie a free pass-through straight off the line.


Coach Owl

  • Favourite moment: noticing I needed to talk to a line up about a tactical error, then realising it was the first time in the game and we were 23 minutes in #proud.


  • When Jayme ‘s little girl asked to help me put up signs. I really appreciated the help and she was so sweet!


  • Me and Rich were away for a stag do and had a pint in the Edinburgh Brewdog cos’ we couldn’t be with you guys at your afterparty in Brewdog, Nottingham.

image5Photos by Matthew Anderson (apart from Fenyn’s awkward pic and the stag do pic).