NRGB – A snap shot of where we’re at.

“The Success of teamwork – Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is a process. Working together is success.” Henry Ford


When I signed up for the NRG intake I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. I’d given myself a New Year’s resolution to try something new. As a kid, skating was something I had a real passion for; something I had lost.It’s been one of the best choices I’ve ever made to join NRD.

I’m now surrounded by a group of brilliant and inspiring people who’ve given me the drive to be part of a team. When talk of the NRGB first scrim in April was mentioned it really hit me; I wanted desperately to be part of it. My determination to pass all my minimum skills before that date was all that filled my little brain. And I only blooming well did it! I’ll be proud to be playing alongside my team mates.

Thanks to our fantastic coaches, for their motivation, inspiration and a whole lot of patience . We can only grow stronger, you put something in us, and we bleed green.



I think the B team is starting to come together well, skate skills are improving and we’re starting to advance tactics-wise. I’m really looking forward to having a fully functioning & competing B team in a few months time 🙂



When my ‘fresh meat’ group progressed to intermediate sessions, the training structure was more relaxed than it is now. That isn’t to say that it was easy back then – but with the appointment of our dedicated B-team coaches, Cherry Revenge, Feartrix Rotter and Lauren Forcement there has been a marked difference in how sessions play out.

As a result of these changes, my impression is that the ‘newer girls’ have had to work much harder, much earlier than we did. I’m not emphasising the distinction between our intakes (there are at least three!). We are one team. Over the past few months we’ve come together brilliantly, tactics and gameplay procedures seem to be really working for us.

We’ll flatten our opponents like we flatten Shelley’s cones!
(Sorry Shelley. But to everyone else: sorry, not sorry!)



As one of the existing B team members it was great to see the new guys arrive and watch them progress so well. There’s a fantastic collaborative and encouraging vibe in the group. Even watching those people who seem to nail everything first time around drives me on to perfect my own skills. It’s also important to recognise that experience, skills and teamwork are all equal and the team does a good job in supporting each other. With our first scrim coming up its amazing to see how far we’ve come as a team and how well individuals are doing. Onwards and upwards from here.



There are things in equal measure that I both enjoy and find challenging about roller derby. When I first started I found being part of a such a big group of people quite intimidating, and still do at times. It’s been awesome making new friends, growing together as a B team and becoming part of the wider derby community. The time commitment, with training and all other aspects of league involvement continue to be a challenge but the reward from putting the effort in is worth while.

Learning a new skill and pushing myself has been an amazing experience – even if the amount to learn can be overwhelming at times and mental focus on tactics can be tough! The game definitely plays to my competitive edge and I can’t wait to get out on track with girls on the 5th and support each other to do our best, kick ass and most importantly have fun!

Miss Bad Sass


I’ve been training with NRG for a while now, but was stuck in the frustrating position of not being at a level suitable for the A team, and the league not having enough members to form a B team. It’s so fantastic to see the intermediate girls passing their minimum skills and even the newest intake coming through so close behind them! Having our first B team scrim lined up has given us all something to aim for, and I feel that it’s really helped us to gel together. I’m excited for my first game representing the NRD league, and I couldn’t have wished for a better group of ladies to do it with. Watch out world, NRGB are coming for you!


From a coaching perspective on the NRGB team – things are progressing really quickly. The standard of skating skills, from previous skaters and newer additions, is much higher for all skaters. The tactics we’re currently working on are also really strong in sessions, and with more experience and confidence – the girls at NRGB will be soon be kicking ass.

I’m really excited about the progression of the team so far, we’re only really 6 months old as a ‘B team’, I’m excited, not only because a really strong team has been born – but also because of the bond the team has, it’s a really supportive and positive environment. It’s OK to have fun and be competitive, as my girls will show you every week.

Watch this space – 2015 is the year of NRGB.

Love and shoves, a very very proud coach.

Cherry Revenge