All I want for Christmas – Present ideas for the roller derby obsessive

So, you lucky thing, you – there’s a roller derby girl, or boy, in your life!

Obviously, they’re rather awesome and this Christmas you’ll want to show them how much they mean to you by lavishing them with gifts. Thankfully, just for you, we’ve compiled a list of the most awesome roller derby presents that money can buy. We guarantee that buying one of these gifts will make you the most excellent gift-buyer in history, in their eyes at least. You know what they say, the way to a derby player’s heart is through their skates.

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Customised plimsolls, £40
For the times they have to endure wearing non-wheelie shoes.



Custom roller derby doll, £18.50
Maybe this will work for voodoo too.



Bearing necklace, £19
Choose a gemstone to match team colours.



Crochet baby shoes, £15
So cute, may all babies be taught to skate!



Custom sparrow necklace, £10
Cute custom necklace. Get their skate name and number on it, or team name.



Personalised necklace, £20
Cool personalised necklace, a little more subtle than the large name ones.



Vintage roller skate patent drawing, from £20
A house is not a home without a roller derby print.



Roller derby clock, £30
It’s roller derby o’clock!



Acrylic necklace, £12.50
Why not get your derby wife a present?



Sweat suckers, £25
Putting on wet pads is pretty gross, these should help dry them out faster and also cut down on pad stink.



Crazy Skates Bounce toe stops, £19.95
Toe stops are a more practical one, but not to be overlooked.
Bounce Toe Stopper


Custom leggings, £30
Hand made leggings to order. The perfect bout-fit.