Captain’s New Year Message

Well, 2014 was a difficult year with highs and some painful lows. It was the year that we experienced the unexpected loss of our friend and teammate, Louise. Based on that, it’d be easy for me to dismiss 2014 as being an utterly sh*t year. However, I don’t want to lose sight of the positive things that we can take from the past year, so I’m going to share my ramblings about some of the good things. Read more

Fools Roll In – My first week on skates

Lacking the basic equipment to become a roller girl, I signed up for the Brollers ‘Fresh Meat’ course. At 34 I’m not sure how fresh I am, I’ve certainly been left hanging for a while. On the plus side, with great age comes great wisdom; although not so great since the idea of getting on skates didn’t seem like a bad idea. We have the National Health Service, ‘it’ll be fine’. Read more