The SSB B-team


On Saturday it’s NRDs new B-teams first games!  We’ve already heard from the girls ( so this week we asked some of the boys how they felt about the upcoming game and the work they’ve put in:



Barney TroubleBarney Trouble (captain)

From a bunch of reprobates who couldn’t skate to a group of reprobates who can just about hold their own; the B team is soon to pop its collective cherry and it’s going to be one painful experience leaving us with aches and pains from lots of male bonding! Exciting times!



Larkin a'boutLarkin A’bout

From the day I saw my first bout I was surprisingly hooked and decided to sign up for fresh meat. The first day of training arrived, I was a little nervous – new people, new challenge but I could stand up on skates and move forward in a fashion, it was a start, how much harder could it get?!

A year later turns out it was a lot harder – so was the floor, people’s shoulders and the occasional wall 🙂 My year with NRD has been full of aches and pains and mental torture; constantly analysing what I did right, what I did wrong, how could I improve on this and that and then the worse one – “I’m rubbish, why am I putting myself through this?” Then I put my skates on and I remember it’s because it’s an awesome game and I WILL be a strong link in a strong team!

I believe there are a lot of derby players who feel or have felt a similar way at times – I put it down to the wanting to be the best you can for yourself and your team mates, and, with a league where everyone is there for each other and happy to help, you can only grow stronger.  So, I’m looking forward to our next year of skating and team development – great things to come!



Circle JerkCircle Jerk

It’s taken me the best part of forever to get through my minimum skills but I managed it the day before the team selection went up.  It would be fair to say I’m terrified, we’ve all worked so hard and supported each other so much that I don’t want to let anyone down.



Yan DamYan Dam

So I started Roller Derby a year ago. I was looking to get into something that would broaden my horizons and having lived with someone who played, and was enthusiastic about it, I couldn’t help but think this would be for me.

I don’t think that I would have imagined myself ever being part of a team and a community that helps, supports and embraces diversity as much as this.

The people around me are an ongoing source of inspiration and I have never felt like I have been in the right place more so than when I have my skates on and I’m either practicing or free skating.

NRD has definitely become a family away from home for me and I cannot wait to play my first game as part of a team (add to this that it will be a first for anyone from my family and it’s something I’m dying to do).



Special KSpecial K

Just over a year ago half of us couldn’t skate, the other half didn’t know enough to pass min skills. Now, everyone (apart from me!*) has passed their minimum skills and 8 of us are playing in the B-teams first game. We, and by we I mean both coaches and players, ROCK!

*I was too good at this and the Derby Gods feared me. They forged a world destroying scenario just to get rid of me. I saved the world! The price? Three broken bones, a dislocated foot and a reputation for being a hard bastard.



You can see us take on the Wirral Pack Animals at Clifton Campus on the 11th July! For more information take a look at: